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Professional Etiquette and International Service Excellence (PEISE 1.0)

[Event has ended]
Tue, 31 March 2015, 10am - 5pm | English
Hotel De Palma Ampang
RFI Consulting, Islamic Events PRO

Fees: RM 750 per Pax, RM 1400 for 2 pax ,RM 3250 for corporate sign-up (5 pax)

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This course has been rescheduled to 31 March 2015

Professional Etiquette and International Service Excellence (PEISE 1.0)

This is an interactive course that is specially designed for executives and managers in all service sectors and industries. Delivered in a workshop format, and coupled with real-life examples, case-studies, role-play and mini simulation exercises, it is a valuable and intensive one-day programme.


In this programme, we will visit the definition of 'professional etiquette' and ask ourselves if there is such a thing as 'professional etiquette' in Islam. We often a time say that we must be professional in conducting ourselves at work, in business, in selling or marketing our products, as well as in delivering our services. So how and why is professional etiquette important?

The programme will also introduce the basics of the communication process and how we can communicate effectively in our attempt to be professional while upholding a high service standard. We will also learn to identify the barriers of communication and discuss ways of overcoming them.

We will also learn the definition of 'service excellence' and discuss how it helps our business. The trainer will emphasize the importance of vision in service excellence and share the reasons why. Roles and leadership in service excellence will also be defined, and there will be a sharing on how to craft and maintain a service excellence blueprint.

Scaling up our service can impact our business locally and internationally. How then can we contributing back to the Muslim community globally? We will discuss on ways to prevent and recover service lapse. We will learn ways to maintain our high standards for the international arena and how to keep improving.

Grooming is always a part of etiquette and service excellence. We want to appear not excessively dressed-up but modest and apealing. For the Muslimahs, a segment on the adab in grooming will address the hijab (headscarf), body movement and language. We will also learn the different ways of dressing modestly for various formal and informal settings.


1. Professional Etiquette
- What is professional etiquette?
- Is there such a thing as 'professional etiquette' in Islam?
- Why is professional etiquette important?

2. Communication 101
- The Communication Process
- Effective Communication
- Barriers To Communication

3. Service Excellence
- What is Service Excellence?
- How does it help in our business?
- Importance vision in service excellence
- Roles & leadership in service excellence
- How do we craft and maintain a Service Excellence blueprint?

4. Scaling Up Service Excellence
- How it can impact your business locally and internationally
- Contributing back to the Muslim community globally
- How do we prevent service lapse?
- How do we recover service lapse?
- How do we maintain our high standards?
- How do we improve?

5. Adab In Muslimah Grooming
(Hijab, Body Movement & Language)
- Dressing For Success
- Dressing For Work & Events
- Dressing For Casual Appointments


Rozi Faith


Rozi Faith Naser holds a notable-record in events, training and consultancy from government agencies to global MNCs and high-performing corporate companies in the region.
She is versed in customer relations management, Six-Sigma, Lean Management, BPR and Kaizen.
She graduated from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the University of Cambridge.
Currently she is an independent Business Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and Associate Lecturer at a Polytechnic in Singapore.



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Rozi Faith

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