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HUMANITARIAN CARE MALAYSIA BERHAD (MyCARE) is a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) [Reg. No: 729288-P] and the member of South East Asia Humanitarian Communities (SEAHUM).
MyCARE has 6 humanitarian agencies, namely Aqsa Syarif, i4Syria, Rose2Rose, NICE, PACE and Salam Iraq. Prior to the establishment of MyCARE, these agencies worked independently. The amalgamation of these agencies under MyCARE enables all humanitarian efforts to be united under one umbrella so that all potential, resources and expertise can be shared and synergized for the benefit of humanity.
MyCARE’s humanitarian relief network covers south east Asia Archipelago including The Philippines, Cambodia, Southern Thailand and Vietnam; war-torn countries in the Middle East such as Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq; the stateless and displaced Rohingya people, as well as disaster-stricken areas regardless of racial and religious boundaries. MyCARE is also active in Malaysia in providing temporary shelters, rebuilding homes and provision of fresh water in the flood stricken areas.
MyCARE’s transparency and integrity in managing funds has been recognized by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the United Nation’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF). MyCARE will continue to practice the highest standards of corporate governance to ensure the provision of effective and professional humanitarian care services to both our rightful benefactors and deserving beneficiaries.



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