31-May-2023 - 11 Zulqaeda 1444 Ishak 20:37Subuh 05:49
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Waktu Solat: Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya 31-May-2023 - 11 Zulqaeda 1444 | Subuh 05:49 | Syuruk 07:01 | Zuhur 13:14 | Asr 16:38 | Maghrib 19:22 | Ishak 20:37
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The importance of women’s role in bringing about changes in any society can no longer be ignored. Men and women are complimentary to each other in fulfilling their responsibilities in all aspects of life. This is affirmed by the verse in the Holy Quran which means:
The believers, men and women are auliya (helpers) of one another
At-Taubah, (9:71)

Rose2Rose (R2R) is an agency under Humanitarian Care Malaysia (MyCARE) Berhad, an NGO that focuses on leading humanitarian issues at the national and international levels, as well as taking responsibility in collecting and disbursing funds.

Rose2Rose was established in June 2011. Today, R2R has four women community centers, two in Gaza, Palestine one in Sarmada, Syria, and another in Antakya, Turkey, near the border of Syria. The centers have successfully enhanced the women's lives and become a support center for victims of conflicts in respective countries. Rose2Rose serves to empower all women in needs in other parts of the world, including Malaysia.

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