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Syria Care

Syria Care was originally established as a subsidiaries to High Commission of Syria Relief (HCSR) which was directed by the Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ulama Muhammad Ali As Soubuni, personally to Sheikh Samir Sakka, as the founder of Syria Care.

Realizing the increasing numbers of Syrian citizens who have been victimised by abomination which is currently happening in Syria, we have come forward to help those less fortunate in there.

Syria Care is the first NGO which integrates Syrian and Malaysian in an organisation in order to fulfill the current needs of Syrian people, especially those who remains in the state, but not to forget those who seek refuge in other neighbouring states, to ease the burden they are currently facing.

Several missions focussing on assisting the needy has been carried out since February 2012, and since then, Syria Care has kept on moving forward until it has been successfully registered under Malaysian Registrar of Society on 11th of February 2015, with a registration number PPM-035-10-11022014.


To spread awareness to the world in general, and to Malaysians in specific, on their social responsibility towards their Syrian brothers and sisters, and how they may assist them through an NGO like Syria Care.


To provide wider perspective to Malaysian on the real prevailing situation in Syria and the hardship faced by them.
To create a channel for Malaysian to help the Syrian through implemented projects by Syria Care based on their current needs.

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