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Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM)

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The Association of Islamic Banking Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM) or Persatuan Institusi-Institusi Perbankan Islam Malaysia was established in 1996 as the Association of Interest Free Banking Institutions Malaysia.

The objective of AIBIM is to promote the establishment of sound Islamic banking systems and practices and also aims at promoting and representing the interests of members and to render where possible such advice or assistance as may be deemed necessary and expedient to members.

AIBIM promotes education and training in Islamic banking so as to upgrade Islamic banking expertise in Malaysia and in pursuing the above objectives, AIBIM works in co-operation with other similar associations in the country and elsewhere in the world.

Membership of the Association
The Association accepts two kinds of membership:
a) Ordinary membership, and
b) Associate membership

Ordinary membership is open to all Islamic banks, commercial banks, merchant banks and other banking or financial institutions providing or offering Islamic banking business or Islamic financial services.

Associate membership is open to non Islamic banking institutions.


AIBIM Office

4th floor, Menara Bumiputra 21 Jalan Melaka Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 50100

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