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Get your business (company/product/service) listed with us for only RM 250 per year.
Normal rate is RM 100 per month. So now you are paying for one month rate and get a year worth of advertising. Which is also equivalence to less than 30 sen per day.

Hurry get this deal now!!!

How can I get my Business listed here?

Here are our requirements.

As this is an Islamic portal, your business must be Shariah Compliant
Meaning whatever you are selling and trading must NOT INVOLVE something which is non-permissible (Haram).


--> Graphics and contents should be provided by client.
--> Design fees apply if you choose to engage us to do it.
--> Business listings does not guarantee you enquiries or sales,
however if many viewers looking at your listing this may lead to eventual inquiries/sales.
--> To get more visibility, you will still need other effective marketing means.
Example – FB ads. Banner positions. etc.

Items you need to provide:

1) Poster/ An image. Provide graphics in JPEG format.
Videos are optional. If you have we can add it in.
2) A text description of your services or products and your offers.
If you have the text in the image, also provide us in MS Word/Text Editor/Etc
or just type the text in the email.


This will allow Google to find you. Google cannot detect words in Images (remember this please).
3) Email all these information to us --->
4) Once we received the email, we will invoice you accordingly.
Payment can be made via Bank transfer, Paypal, Debit/Credit.
5) Once payment is received we will move forward by publishing it on our site.

So don't miss this opportunity for just RM 100 per year or only 30 sen per day!!!

How to order this package

Order Now using the "Register" button below.
If you have any queries please email us or call IslamicEvents @ 603-2630-8340




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