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International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies

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Based in Kuala Lumpur, the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) Malaysia (Company No: 819689X) was established in 2008 as a nonprofit independent research institute with funding by the Government of Malaysia. The Institute is dedicated to rigorous pursuit of objective academic research on Islam and contemporary issues of concern to Malaysia, the ummah and Islam’s engagement with other civilisations. The Islamic revivalist discourse of recent decades has often voiced sectarian, local and partisan concerns and has engaged itself in minor issues such as what people eat and wear, is ideology driven, and hardly addresses issues of good governance and economic development. It also pays scant attention to the broader universal teachings of Islam. Islam Hadhari is an attempt to change it.

Our research seeks to be pragmatic yet well-grounded in the basic teachings of the Qur’?n and Sunnah, Islamic jurisprudence, political thought, comparative religion, civilisation studies, and modern developments. The Institute employs resident Research Fellows and Senior Analysts of recognised standing in their fields of specialisation. Research projects are identified and developed by reference to the various themes of Islam Hadhari, for example the principles of good governance in Islam and other legal traditions, protection of the natural environment, advancing interfaith dialogue in and outside of Malaysia as well aspects of engagement between Islam and other world religions.

The ten component principles of Islam Hadhari

Faith in God and piety
A just and trustworthy government
A free and independent people
A rigorous pursuit and mastery of knowledge
Balanced and comprehensive economic development
A good quality of life
Protection of the rights of women and minorities
Cultural and moral integrity
Safeguarding the natural resources and the environment
Strong defence capabilities

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International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies

Jalan Elmu, Off Jalan University, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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