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Hj. Abdul Rashid Munir

Hj. Abd Rashid Munir is the founder and also the President and Chief Executive Officer of ICmic. Today he advises and focuses in the development of the various products in the company. He has started his career in Motorola (M) Sdn Bhd and engaged in various integrated circuit engineering and management positions and spent 11 years of employment with Motorola in Malaysia. At Motorola, he has headed Motorola’s Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) operations in Kuala Lumpur at the age of 36. The operations involved product, equipment, process, manufacturing and quality assurance (QA) engineering. His technical skills and management capability is reflected by several achievements including when he was recognized for his contributions and was awarded the Technical Excellence Award by Motorola in 1991, his involvement in various international business negotiations, joint ventures, equipment procurement agreement and costing, management of the Dynamic RAM IC Manufacturing Operations, setting-up Motorola Smart Card Business Unit in Malaysia and as a representative of Motorola in setting-up of a consortium joint venture with other companies to bid in one of Malaysia’s MSC projects. Abd Rashid Munir left Motorola to set-up his own company that has expanded today as ICmic. He has also been consultant to MIMOS Berhad as the Director of Technology and Business Development for the MIMOS’ semiconductor set-up, has contributed to the setting-up of a joint venture company between MIMOS and ISSI (Integrated Semiconductor Solutions, Inc., USA) known as Malaysia Microelectronics Solutions Sdn Bhd.

In ICmic, Abd Rashid Munir has successfully set-up ICmic with primarily as a mixed-signals IC Design Company and has today delivered more than 100?s of ICs in various forms and shipped more than 1 million unit of ICs for various application in telecommunications, process control, instrumentations etc. ICmic has also attracted international investor into the company. The company has worldwide distribution and customer base. ICmic has some of the finest employees in engineering, finance and business.

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